Navigating your options when you need to grow your software team

Which story fits your business? You’ve been running a successful technology company for years - Other businesses model themselves after you because of the things you have achieved. You also have a great team, but you need to got some new talent on your team fast to keep up with demand. Or, maybe this is more familiar: You’ve bootstrapped your business for years and have now reached the size where you can hire some real development talent to help you accelerate your growth and bring you to the next level.


Compiling Erlang with WX Support on OS X El Capitan

As a visual learner, I’m always in search of ways to graphically represent my programs. Erlang (and Elixir) has a GUI process viewer called Observer, that displays a graphical tree of your program’s process hierarchy. The only issue is it’s not included out of the box with most Elixir installs. Some googling yielded some really complex processes to get it set up, but I found with the current version of Erlang (19.0) and Mac OS (El Capitan) are actually pretty straightforward.

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4 Reasons Elixir is the New Hotness

If you’ve been following the buzz in the programming language community you’ve probably heard some noise about Elixir. At Collective Idea we’re excited, and have been making good use of it. Hold on and we’ll fill you in on what all the fuss is about!